International Fund for Israeli-Palestinian Peace


Today there are tens of thousands of Israelis and Palestinians working together to build peace on the ground in the Middle East. In order for peace to arrive or survive, tomorrow there must be millions.

History has shown that political diplomacy alone cannot end this conflict because peace cannot be pushed solely from the top down. Rather, we must work at the same time to build broad support for peace on the grassroots level, from the bottom up. Though dozens of people-to-people projects are currently impacting tens of thousands of everyday people on the ground, they must reach many more to build an overwhelming constituency for peace.

As a result, and inspired by the International Fund for Ireland created over 20 years ago, ALLMEP has proposed the creation of an International Fund for Israeli-Palestinian Peace. This $200 million per year Fund will leverage and increase the support for people-to-people activities from governments and private sector sources worldwide. The Fund will bring an expert, strategic approach to grassroots peace-building, targeting funding on joint economic development and civil society projects that promote coexistence and broad support for peace even while they improve social and economic conditions on the ground.

Read ALLMEP’s Concept Paper on the International Fund for Israeli-Palestinian Peace