ALLMEP is developing an innovative new capacity building program, focused on the needs of the cross-border peacebuilding field, and on the growth of a group of highly networked, best-in-class organizations. This program will enable our community to leverage and absorb the increased international resources our International Fund campaign is on the verge of securing, ensuring that every dollar our advocacy unlocks goes that much further by focusing on four pillars:

Strategic Planning

In 2021, ALLMEP conducted a youth poll in partnership with the United States Institute of Peace focused on youth attitudes among Israelis and Palestinians ages 15-21. The survey revealed that the state of youth attitudes are in an alarming position. Majorities in both groups reject the other’s historic or national connection to the land, and regard the possibility of a Palestinian state as low or unlikely in the foreseeable future. Trends also indicate that young Israelis and Palestinians are taking increasingly hardline stances on both sides of the conflict. The status quo, particularly among young people, is troubling, and perhaps even more so in light of the violence in May. However the poll also suggested that majorities of young people might be willing to participate in the sort of joint projects that could disrupt these trends.

Resource Development

Our resource development modules comprise of two trainings: grant applications / fundraising and human resource management for NGOs. Both funding and staff are vital resources for any organization. Simultaneously, both areas affect the organizational capacity if affected negatively. Hence, diversifying funding and limiting staff turnover are the main focus of these trainings. Our cohorts are equipped with tools to manage resources efficiently and effectively, scaling their impact and supporting their strategic planning capabilities. Hence, fundraising trainings draw connections to the PME trainings on the strategic planning module.

Digital Media Trainings

In 2021, ALLMEP hosted a series of digital media training sessions for its members  focused on video production, social media strategy, content creation, digital advertising, and earned media. These were an immense success, with an average of 30+ participants in each training session who learned new strategies and techniques related to improving their effectiveness online. These participants form the foundation of a network of communications and marketing professionals working in peacebuilding in Israel and Palestine, and demonstrate an incredible opportunity for increasing the visibility of peacebuilding work in the region. In partnership with Lightful Learning, ALLMEP will be instituting continued media trainings throughout 2022 for its membership.