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The Alliance for Middle East Peace works to increase the visibility of our members work and ALLMEP’s theory of change, centering the work of Palestinian and Israel civil society peacebuilding, in international discourse around the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. To do this, ALLMEP regularly cultivates relationships with journalists, news outlets, and more to highlight the work of our members and the importance of civil society peacebuilding in creating lasting and sustainable peace in the region. Our and our members’ work has been prominently featured in the New York Times, USA Today, Forbes, France24, BBC, and more. See some recent features below:

Fathom Journal - Peacebuilding Special Issue

A Multilateral and Bottom-Up Approach to End the Israeli-Palestinian Tragedy


By John Lyndon


ALLMEP’s Executive Director, John Lyndon, explores the importance of multilateralism and civil society peacebuilding in breaking the cycles of siloed diplomacy, moving from conflict management to conflict resolution, and conceiving a long term and sustainable strategy to end the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Empowering Tomorrow’s Leaders: The Intersection of Youth, Political Engagement, and Intergenerational Responsibility


By Wasim Almasri


Incorporating new research, polling data, and perspectives from the ground, ALLMEP’s Director of Programs, Wasim Almasri, reflects on the urgent need to acknowledge youth attitudes, empower young people to engage in politics, and provide real solutions and a political horizon for young Palestinians moving forward, and the consequences and risks in not doing so.

Why it’s time for the UK to lead multilateral support for Israeli-Palestinian civil society peacebuilding


By Rachael Liss


ALLMEP’s new European Policy and Development Coordinator, Rachael Liss, writes from London on the important role that the UK can play in leading on a multilateral coordinating mechanism for supporting Israeli-Palestinian civil society peacebuilding. Liss argues that the UK, given its history and political climate, is uniquely positioned to lead on this issue, and that the region is in desperate need for increased funding for this type of work.

Reconstruction and Renewal in Gaza, Two Scenarios


By Kamal Mashharawi


Kamal Mashharawi is a Palestinian entrepreneur and peace activist from Gaza, and also an alumni of ALLMEP member Seeds of Peace. Kamal examines the devastating war in Gaza, its impact on Palestinian populations, the role of the international community, and two prospective scenarios on reconstruction and renewal for his home.

How my Israeli and Palestinian friends want you to talk about them


By Avi Meyerstein


Since October 7, ALLMEP’s Founder and President, Avi Meyerstein, answers the question of how communities should engage with difficult conversations about Israel-Palestine. Whether in corporate settings, home environments, or with close friends, Meyerstein considers approaches and methodologies for facilitating and guiding these conversations.

Fathom Interview: Arava Institute for Environmental Studies

Fathom deputy editor Jack Omer-Jackaman speaks with Tareq Abu Hamed and Eliza Mayo of the Arava Institute for Environmental Studies, an academic research centre dedicated to providing the Middle East with a new generation of sophisticated professionals to address the region’s environmental challenges with richer and more innovative peace-building solutions.

Fathom Interview: Givat Haviva


Fathom deputy editor Jack Omer-Jackaman speaks to Mohammad Darawshe and Michal Sela of Givat Haviva, an Israeli civil society organisation working for social change.


Groundwork Podcast – “Two States, One Homeland” and “Echoes of Home”

Fathom shares two episodes from the “Groundwork” podcast – ‘a podcast about Palestinians and Israelis refusing to accept the status quo and working to change it.'”

Print and Online

New York Times – An Israeli Charity for Palestinians Grapples With Oct. 7 Attacks

Before the war, Road to Recovery helped bring sick Gazans to Israeli hospitals. Several of its volunteers died in the Hamas attacks, and donations to the group have slowed. Read more about the incredible work of Road to Recovery and how their operations have shifted since October 7.

USA Today – As war grows, those who want peace for Israelis and Palestinians face harrowing test

Multiple ALLMEP members were interviewed for an article in USA Today highlighting the challenging work of Israeli and Palestinian peacebuilders, including, the Arava Institute for Environmental Studies, Parents Circle – Families Forum, Combatants for Peace and Search for Common Ground

The Guardian – ‘I hope it can endure’: examples of Jewish-Arab solidarity offer hope in Israel

Volunteers of different ethnicities are working to help victims of the violence and tidy up bomb shelters. The Guardian profiles activists working in the aftermath of October 7, including profiles of ALLMEP Member Standing Together.


CNN – Combatants for Peace – How Israeli and Palestinian peace activists are jointly facing this moment

Former fighters Chen Alon and Sulaiman Khatib could have found themselves on opposite sides of a battle. Instead, they joined forces to fight for peace. The latest violence has put their efforts to the test.

NBC – An exclusive inside-look at Israel’s ‘Oasis of Peace’

NBC News’ Jay Gray gets an exclusive look inside the “Oasis of Peace,” a small village located in central Israel where Israelis and Palestinians have lived side-by-side for decades. As the Israel-Hamas war intensifies, residents are concerned the conflict could challenge the core of the community’s mission.

‘BBC – Even in this time of great pain, we must remember there is only one way forward’

From BBC NewsNight – Magen Inon and Hamza Awawde, of ALLMEP member Hands of Peace, grew up on opposite sides of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict but are together calling for peace