Stories from the Field

Peace Activists During the Israel-Gaza War

Since the attacks of October 7th, and the devastating war that has followed, Israelis and Palestinians have been immersed in some of the most horrific events this region has ever seen. There has been a loss of life and level of trauma and human tragedy that is far beyond anything in ALLMEP’s twenty-year history, and it has touched every member of our community.  

The violence, unprecedented loss of life, destruction of property, and the growing humanitarian disaster in Gaza has shaken our community to its core, and today fear stalks the land. Settler violence has erupted across the West Bank, there has been a marked increase in the policing of speech and activism, while scarcity of food and resources has impacted the most impoverished communities in the region, and Islamophobia and Antisemitism have increased around the globe. In the midst of this immense trauma, suffering, grief, and pain, along with a severe lack of government accountability, Palestinian and Israeli peace activists are fighting to hold their communities together. 

These are their stories.


A Lifeline of its Own

Yael Noy - The Road to Recovery

To Break the Circle

Rana Salman - Combatants for Peace

A Man of Action

Thabet Abu Raas - Abraham Initiatives

Through the Window

Kamal Almashharawi - Seeds of Peace Alumni

The Tools to Make Change

Michal Sherez Shilor - Tzedek Centers

Perpetual Motion

Robi Damelin - Parents Circle - Families Forum

Meeting Helplessness with Hope

Wasim Almasri - ALLMEP

A Radical Word, “Peace”

Sally Abed - Standing Together

Dina Kraft

Writer and Journalist

Dina Kraft is a writer and journalist based in Tel Aviv.  She is the Opinion Editor for Haaretz English and co-author of My Friend Anne Frank. She has written from the region for over two decades for The New York Times, The Christian Science Monitor and The Los Angeles Times, reporting on Israeli and Palestinian politics, culture and society.

Dina is drawn to stories featuring unlikely connections, dual narratives and the impact of conflict and crisis on ordinary lives. She hosts the podcast “Groundwork” and previously “The Branch”, which tell the stories of relationships between Jews and Arabs, Israelis and Palestinians.

Dina is a long-time foreign correspondent who began her overseas career in the Jerusalem bureau of The Associated Press. She was later posted to AP’s Johannesburg bureau where she covered southern Africa. She’s also reported from Senegal, Kenya, Pakistan, Jordan, Tunisia, Russia, and Ukraine.