Where Do We Go From Here?לאן הולכים מכאן?

Online Discussion: "Nationalistic parades in Northern Ireland and the Jerusalem Day flag parade: an inside and outside look An on-line discussion, in English (with translation), by Ir Amim, Emek Shaveh […]

The 4th Nakba Remembrance Ceremony (CfP)

Join us on May 15, 2023 for Combatants for Peace’s fourth Joint Nakba Remembrance Ceremony to commemorate the displacement and erasure of hundreds of Palestinian communities, which started in 1948 […]

Givat Haviva Conference: Writing the next Chapter

"בואו נכתוב את הפרק הבא" "تعالوا نكتب الفصل التالي" הירשמו עכשיו לכנס גבעת חביבה השנתי לחברה משותפת سجلوا الآن لمؤتمر چڤعات حبيبة السنوي لمجتمع مشترك תאריך التاريخ: 22.5.23 שעה الساعة: […]