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The Alliance is a network of organizations that conduct civil society work in conflict transformation, development, coexistence and cooperative activities on the ground in the Middle East among Israelis, Palestinians, Arabs, and Jews. Our members seek to build a secure just and sustainable peace where all can enjoy the rights and freedoms needed for them to reach their human potential and live in peace with one another with dignity.

Our mission is to support our members by ensuring more attention and resources are dedicated to their groundbreaking work. To accomplish this, the Alliance works internationally to educate key audiences, including opinion makers, elected representatives, government officials, American and international funders, and the international community about the critical opportunities and needs of people-to-people efforts. In the region, the Alliance works to build a community within its membership, enhance better communication among them, build their organizations’ capacities, develop best practices and serve as a platform for partnership and cooperation.

Core Values

Ø  Peace in the Middle East is not possible without the collective support of the people of the region for a just peace agreement.

Ø  People-to-people encounters are an effective and necessary strategy to create such sustainable collective public support for peaceful mutual coexistence on equal grounds and reconciliation.

Ø  Support for civil society programs in the Middle East is one crucial way that the international community, U.S. Government, and private philanthropists alike can positively move the peoples of the Middle East toward peace.

Ø  Cooperation between civil society organizations itself builds the impact of their work on the ground to become a stronger movement for change.  

Ø  A Committment to Peace, Security, Coexistance, Freedom, Rights and Justice

Accomplishments FY 2004 – FY 2014 

Ø  The Alliance has secured more than $70 million in U.S. funding for people-to-people peace-building efforts in Israel/Palestine.  Despite large cuts to foreign aid, our efforts have preserved this annual $10 million funding. Member NGOs (Non-Governmental Organizations) obtained the vast majority of these U.S. grants.

Ø  The Alliance is building an International Fund for Israeli-Palestinian Peace, poised to pour at least $200 million annually into the region, thus leveraging international public and private support to scale up grassroots peacebuilding dramatically.

Ø   The Alliance connects NGOs to decision makers, since its inception coordinating more than 500 meetings with Congress, the White House, Israeli and Palestinian leaders, prime ministers, foreign ministers, the State Department, USAID, European and Arab governments, and the media, to promote and grow people-to-people peace-building efforts in Israel/Palestine.

Ø  The Alliance has earned the support of 112 United States senators and members of Congress, who have signed letters urging passage of its annual appropriations requests. 

Ø  The Alliance equips peacebuilders for success, hosting 10 annual all-member conferences and dozens of technical support programs in Washington and the region.

Ø  Since 2004, the Alliance has grown from 12 to over 80 member organizations, which help support the organization through annual dues.  Each year, Alliance members engage and assist hundreds of thousands of Israelis and Palestinians.

Ø  The Alliance launched its regional office in 2014 to respond to a growing need for developing ways to elevate the impact of the members’ work on the ground; to build a sense of people-to-people community; and to create a movement forceful enough to bring sustainable change to the region. The Alliance has dedicated staff on the ground focused on providing training, support and member services to the growing movement.

Get Involved

Your support of people who take real risks for peace is needed now more than any other time. It is time to bring to the forefront the work of passionate dedicated peacebuilders. With limited resources, the Alliance for Middle East Peace and its members are reliant on the donated time and resources of the global community.


v  If you are based in the Middle East please contact Huda Abuarquob, ALLMEP Regional Director, huda (at) allmep (dot) org

v  If you are based outside the Middle East please contact Joel Braunold, ALLMEP US Director, joel (at) allmep (dot) org


Thank you for your support and commitment to peace between Israelis and Palestinians, Arabs and Jews.

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