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The Alliance for Middle East Peace (ALLMEP) is a consortium of organizations that conduct people-to-people coexistence, reconciliation, and cooperative activities on the ground in the Middle East among Israelis, Palestinians, Arabs, and Jews. Our mission is to promote these activities by working primarily in the United States to increase visibility and resources to support our members in the region. To accomplish this, the Alliance educates key audiences including opinion makers, legislators, other U.S. government officials, American and international funders, and the international community about the critical opportunities and needs of people-to-people efforts. It focuses on gaining increased funding and support for these projects from the public and private sectors.

FY 2004 – FY 2013

  • The Alliance has secured more than $60 million in U.S. funding for people-to-people peace-building efforts in Israel/Palestine. Despite large cuts to foreign aid, our efforts have preserved this annual $10 million funding. Member NGOs (Non-Governmental Organizations) obtained the vast majority of these U.S. grants.
  • The Alliance is building an International Fund for Israeli-Palestinian Peace, poised to pour at least $200 million annually into the region, thus leveraging international public and private support to scale up grassroots peace-building dramatically.
  • The Alliance connects NGOs to decision makers, since its inception coordinating at least 500 meetings with Congress, the White House, Israeli and Palestinian leaders, prime ministers, foreign ministers, the State Department, USAID, European and Arab governments, and the media, to promote and grow people-to-people peace-building efforts in Israel/Palestine.
  • The Alliance has earned the support of 112 United States Senators and Members of Congress, who have signed letters urging passage of its annual appropriations requests. The Alliance annually submits both Congressional testimony and these formal requests on behalf of its members, representing a minimum of 75 person-hours’ preparation each year.
  • The Alliance assists members competing for and implementing USAID grants through more than 100 person-hours of training annually, updates on grant opportunities, meetings with USAID officials, and one-on-one consulting to NGOs seeking funds. The Director of Democracy and Governance, USAID West Bank/Gaza, has pronounced the Alliance, “one of the most effective organizations representing USAID’s peace building work…helping members communicate their needs and successes to the Embassy and USAID and enabling them to extend their reach. ALLMEP’s vision and sophistication helps us help them.” 
  • The Alliance equips peacebuilders for success, hosting 10 annual all-member conferences and dozens of technical support programs in Washington and the region, gathering together NGO leaders from dozens of organizations for training, collaboration, and shared advocacy.
  • The Alliance helps its members work together, continuously seeking collaborative programming; administrative, geographical or substantive synergies; and connective tissue with each other and with USAID officials in Washington and the region. Indeed, the USAID official administering the Conflict Management and Mitigation grants program exclaimed, “I LOVE these meetings,” and, “USAID partners are doing some of the most exciting things here!!!...I continue to be impressed that these organizations are, in fact, making a difference in the lives of Israelis and Palestinians in the creation of relationships that would never have existed otherwise.”
  • Since 2004, the Alliance has grown from 12 to 80 member organizations, which help support the organization through annual dues. Each year, Alliance members engage and assist hundreds of thousands of Israelis and Palestinians.


Core Values

  • Peace in the Middle East is not possible without public support and reconciliation among the people of the region.
  • People-to-people encounters are an effective and necessary way to create such public support and reconciliation.
  • Support for people-to-people programs in the Middle East is one crucial way that the international community, U.S. Government, and private philanthropists alike can positively move the peoples of the Middle East toward peace.
  • A consortium of people-to-people organizations itself is a constructive step toward reconciliation and peace.


Support Opportunities

There are many ways to support the Alliance and the work of the brave Israelis and Palestinians, Arabs, and Jews building peace on the ground every day:

  • General Funds – enable the Alliance to build and nurture a lasting network supporting peacebuilders in the Middle East.
  • Policy Analysis, Education, and Advocacy – enhance the Alliance’s advocacy efforts, educating Congress and the Administration in the United States and the Israeli and Palestinian governments, the European Union, and Arab countries abroad about our members’ successes and securing funds for their critical activities. Additionally, help the Alliance further integrate “track II diplomacy” into the peace process, as well as strengthen USAID relations, benefitting current and prospective grantees through improved grant processes, communications, and enhanced visibility and access.
  • Public Education and Visibility – lead the Alliance’s quest to upgrade its public presence and communications infrastructure, ensuring the narrative of the peacebuilders is broadly disseminated and consistently integrated into the public discourse.
  • Member Services – strengthen Alliance members through enabling a regional presence and facilitating professional development, sharing best practices, creating substantive synergies, exploring joint projects in Israel/Palestine and planning events, speaking engagements, and policy meetings for them in the United States.


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