October 19, 2023

How you can support Israeli and Palestinian activists working on the ground right now

How you can support Israeli and Palestinian activists working on the ground right now

In the face of the ongoing devastation in Israel and Palestine, we share the pain reverberating across our community. While it pales in comparison to what Israelis and Palestinians are currently going through, for many of us scattered around the globe, this conflict also hits close to home. The constant influx of information through news channels and social media has inundated us, leaving us overwhelmed and uncertain about how to contribute meaningfully from a distance. The loudest voices are often those urging further escalation and retribution. And equally as often, these calls are being made by those who enjoy a privilege of distance and safety that means that they– unlike our Israeli and Palestinian colleagues and members and their loved ones– will likely not suffer the devastating consequences that often flow from their dehumanizing and extreme rhetoric.

For those in the international community, ALLMEP has compiled a series of practical steps that you can take to support ALLMEP’s members who are working on the ground right now. Our role should be leveraging that privilege of distance and safety that we enjoy to focus on amplifying and sharing the work of civil society and the lived realities on the ground, and avoiding the binary that leads us deeper into our echo chambers and despair. After thirty years of failed diplomacy and broken promises, leading now to perhaps the greatest tragedy in the history of this conflict: we owe Israelis and Palestinians more.


Listen. Amplify. Engage. Support. 



👂Listen to the voices of grassroots activists and peacebuilders. Find a list of member statements on our website or listen to Groundwork, a podcast that platforms Palestinians and Israelis working for change.



🔊Amplify their messages widely and help amplify local voices. Call attention to the realities on the ground and the lived experiences of those in the region.



🤝Engage. Reach out to activists and humanitarian organizations, learn more about their work and regional initiatives working towards justice, equality, and peace between both peoples.



💰Support. Donate to organizations working in this space. Consider supporting one of our member organizations or ALLMEP. A directory of our members can be found on our website – www.allmep.org.

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