September 8, 2021

USAID announces largest-ever single funding opportunity for the work of Israeli and Palestinian peacebuilders

In December 2020, after over a decade of ALLMEP advocacy, the Nita M. Lowey Middle East Partnership for Peace Act was enacted into law. We are pleased to let you know that MEPPA’s second open call for proposals has just been published. You can access all the information on the Annual Program Statement (APS) via this link

Aiming to “foster a grassroots effort to affect policy change” while “strengthening engagement between Palestinians and Israelis,” the APS heralds an expanded definition of people-to-people peacebuilding, both within and between each society, aiming to “help advance a just resolution to the conflict.” Connecting the work—and impact—of grassroots peacebuilders with the goal of advancing peace on a policy or political level, the APS represents an exciting moment for the peacebuilding field. 

ALLMEP will be holding a series of briefings for its 150+ membership as well as for private philanthropic actors and partners, to ensure that this call and the wider opportunity that the Lowey Fund heralds is fully understood. Check back here for consistent updates about the state of the call. 

This first call is for at least $15 million, representing the largest-ever single funding opportunity for the work of Israeli and Palestinian peacebuilders. Applications can be for both shared society work and for cross-border peacebuilding. There will be a rolling window for applications, with this opportunity open for one year with USAID “reserving the right to issue additional calls” under this same annual program. 

With the Partnership for Peace Fund Advisory Board in the process of being formed, we expect further developments in the coming weeks and months, and are continuing to work with our partners in the Administration, in Congress, and with partner governments around the world to ensure that the Lowey Fund’s full potential is unlocked.



If I have questions about the APS, how do I submit them to USAID?

Questions regarding this APS should be submitted in writing to the e-mail address above no later than the date and time indicated on the cover letter, as amended. Such questions will be considered received if the subject line begins with “APS 72029423APS00001 Questions.” Any information given to a prospective applicant concerning this APS will be furnished promptly to all other prospective applicants as an amendment to this APS, if that information is necessary in submitting applications or if the lack of it would be prejudicial to any other prospective applicant. E-mail:

How long is the call open for?

This APS is open for one year. Concept Papers will be reviewed on a rolling basis. The second APS is now open. The first round of concept papers deadline has been extended to May 10. Learn more here.

Will both shared society and cross-border work be considered?

Yes, the APS indicates that both shared society and cross-border work may be supported by USAID. While the APS does not indicate how much funding will be dedicated for each, it does indicate that the majority of the funding will be granted for cross-border work. 

Will intra-group work with one population cohort be considered? 

The APS definition of people to people work states that it “includes initiatives within the respective societies that contribute to a peaceful co-existence, mitigate impacts from the current conflict, and help advance a just resolution to that conflict.”

Is there a requirement for cost-share? 

USAID has established that Cost Sharing is not required.

Where can I find the slides from USAID’s pre-application info session and the updated APS Q/A from October 15, 2021?

USAID has made these resources available alongside the APS and ALLMEP has shared them here: Pre-Application Slides and Updated APS Q/A
USAID released a new amendment to the second APS on March 3, including upcoming info sessions detailed here.

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