May 28, 2020

Annexation is not a pathway to peace.

As the largest network of Israeli and Palestinian peacebuilders, ALLMEP includes over 120 organizations with differing ideas about how to resolve this conflict. What unites us is our belief that peace can only be achieved through equal consent, partnership, and self-determination. That is why ALLMEP unequivocally opposes the unilateral annexation of territory in the West Bank that Israel’s new coalition agreement appears to herald.

But stopping annexation is not enough. If annexation is averted, millions of Palestinians and Israelis will still wake up to the same unjust reality that has characterized the last five decades. This is the reality that our members spend every day working to disrupt and transform. 

All those who want to see Israeli-Palestinian peace must work beyond just preventing this dangerous policy. We must focus on creating hope instead of despair, and building a future based on the inherent equality of Palestinians and Israelis. Though long neglected by most politicians, this principle is the common thread that unites ALLMEP’s members. We urge leaders around the world to manifest these values, oppose annexation, and commit to building an equitable and lasting resolution to this conflict.

ALLMEP is a broad coalition with room for many differing voices and perspectives. To ensure that the diversity of our network is fairly reflected, we will add the statements of our member organizations below over the coming days and weeks.

ALLMEP Member Statements on Annexation

Abraham Initiatives

Arava Institute for Environmental Studies

Churches for Middle East Peace

Combatants for Peace

OneVoice Movement


Seeds of Peace

Siach Shalom – Talking Peace


Standing Together

Women Wage Peace