Unite the Field: ALLMEP’s Monthly Members Call

Join ALLMEP for our monthly members call, Unite the Field: The Situation on the Ground! This month, we will be discussing "New realties, challenges and the way forward" The event […]

Moa Spiritual center in the Arava 4th Peace convention

We invite you to the conference "One Heart" - an exciting and heart-opening meeting, between people of different traditions and nationalities, where we will connect and reinforce common points The […]

Israelis Taking Action for Democracy – online discussion

Please join the Middle East Institute for a discussion with  prominent figures related to the Israeli pro-democracy movement, who will share their experiences and analysis. The assembled panelists will discuss […]

Unite the Field: ALLMEP Monthly Members Call – The new MEPPA APS and more…

Join ALLMEP for our upcoming members call, Unite the Field: The Situation on the Ground, on February 23 at 4pm JLM. Register here: https://us02web.zoom.us/meeting/register/tZYrc-6hrzkpH9A846rNzm2qDJsUf5bgqYVG?emci=f9406502-989d-ed11-994c-00224832eb73&emdi=ea000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000001&ceid=

Dr. Uki Maroshek (Adam Institute) in a webinar on the variety of unique educational activities for the promotion of democracy and peace. By Sipur Hakaya. (Hebrew)

עמותת סיפור חכאיה שמחה להזמין אתכם למפגש זום עם ד"ר אוקי מרושק -קלארמן, מנכ"לית מדרשת אדם. המפגש יתקיים היום, יום שלישי 28.2.23 בשעה 20.00 במפגש נשמע על מגוון הפעילויות החינוכיות […]