ALLMEP is proud to announce a new season of Groundwork

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How to help

How you can help Israeli and Palestinian activists
working on the ground right now.


Listen to the voices of grassroots activists and peacebuilders. Find a list of member statements on our website or listen to Groundwork, a podcast that platforms Palestinians and Israelis working for change.


Share their messages widely and help amplify local voices. Call attention to the realities on the ground and the lived experiences of those in the region.


Reach out to activists and humanitarian organizations, learn more about their work and regional initiatives working towards justice, equality, and peace between both peoples.


Donate to organizations working in this space. Consider supporting one of our members organizations or ALLMEP. A directory of our members can be found here

Additional Resources and Toolkits

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Taking Action

How is ALLMEP supporting peacebuilders during the ongoing crisis?

Get involved – for more information on opportunities with our member organizations, see a members directory on our “Get Involved” page

Who we are

ALLMEP is the largest and fastest growing network of Palestinian and Israeli peacebuilders. As the collective voice of our member organizations, we channel their ambition toward increased cooperation and political impact, making them more than the sum of their parts.


$100 million+

in U.S. funding secured for Israeli-Palestinian peacebuilding organizations

$300 million+

in funding secured for the global people-to-people efforts

$250 million+

in Congressional funding secured to expand Israeli-Palestinian peacebuilding and economic cooperation over 5 years

“The community that ALLMEP has created has enabled me on both a personal and professional level to achieve partnerships that were never possible before.”

Megan Hallahan, YaLa Young Leaders