How ALLMEP members are taking action

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How is ALLMEP supporting peacebuilders during the ongoing crisis?

  •  A joint campaign for emergency funding and gathering basic needs for member NGOs, so that they can help the most vulnerable and at-risk people in Gaza and Israel;
  • Tutoring member NGOs seeking emergency funding and connecting them to donors;
  • Checking in individually with peacebuilders who have suffered most acutely, including those who have colleagues and their family members who have been killed or are missing;
  • Connecting donors with humanitarian organizations assisting the most vulnerable people in Southern Israel and Gaza;
  • A living resource page for our members, with tools for trauma-informed care, emergency response, and countering misinformation online;
  • Coaching member NGOs to articulate their message amid a fraught political environment, creating spaces for honest conversations within the field, and to press the urgency for grassroots peacebuilding to solidify trust and gainful cooperation between societies;
  • Amplifying the voices of our members, sharing their statements, perspectives, and efforts with our networks;
  • Speaking to media around the world, adding context and analysis that pushes back against dehumanization and centers civilians, Israeli and Palestinian, who are suffering right now.

Get involved – for more information on opportunities with our member organizations, see a members directory on our “Get Involved” page

ALLMEP is the largest and fastest growing network of Palestinian and Israeli peacebuilders. As the collective voice of our member organizations, we channel their ambition toward increased cooperation and political impact, making them more than the sum of their parts.



in U.S. funding secured for Israeli-Palestinian peacebuilding organizations


in funding secured for the global people-to-people efforts


in Congressional funding secured to expand Israeli-Palestinian peacebuilding and economic cooperation over 5 years

“The community that ALLMEP has created has enabled me on both a personal and professional level to achieve partnerships that were never possible before.”

Megan Hallahan, YaLa Young Leaders