January 3, 2024

New podcasts detail important perspectives from the peacebuilding community

New podcasts detail important perspectives from the peacebuilding community

Since October 7, people around the world have sought out knowledge and resources to learn about the complex history, dynamics, and people who live in Israel and Palestine. Not just Israelis and Palestinians, Arabs and Jews, but people from all over the world are trying to form opinions and perspectives that will help them process the horrific images that they are seeing on the news.

Among these resources have come several podcasts from members and partners within the ALLMEP community. Our own podcast, Groundwork, produced in partnership with New Israel Fund, is between seasons, but we have seen incredible content emerge from others in the space. These perspectives— the perspectives of peace activists working every day to secure a more just, equal, and peaceful future for all those living in the region —are desperately needed in the public discourse.

One recent example is, “From the Yarra River to the Mediterranean Sea.”

Hosted by Ittay Flescher of ALLMEP member, Kids4Peace, the podcast describes itself as follows:

“I’m an Australian Jew and I care deeply about Israeli and Palestinian lives. Can I ask you a question about what’s happening in Israel and Gaza right now?”

In the last two months, Ittay Flescher, an Australian Jewish peace educator and journalist has received over 50 messages which have more or less begun like this.  One of them came from Hannah Baker, a family lawyer in Melbourne with a big heart who cares deeply about all the humans who call this place home.

After many messages back and forth, they decided to turn their conversations into a podcast.

They’ve recently released their fifth episode, featuring an alumni of ALLMEP member, Tomorrow’s Women. “From the Yarra River to the Mediterranean Sea” is available wherever you find podcasts.

Ittay Flescher

Another podcast, “Unapologetic,” is hosted by staff from ALLMEP member ROPES, Amira and Ibrahim. Each episode, Amira and Ibrahim dive into the tough questions, conversations, and current events.

It is time for a new voice to rise concerning the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. We are two Palestinian-Israeli Citizens, who are unapologetic about our views, and our vision for a better future for both Israelis and Palestinians. Join us as we record as the war is going on in Israel and Gaza, as we delve deep into the roots of the war, and the way forward.

Ibrahim Abu Ahmad and Amira Mohammed.

Both podcasts are in their inaugural seasons, so stay tuned for the continued release of new episodes. These are providing great informational content about the realities of living in the region and the ways that occupation, violence, and extremism are affecting all those who live between the river and the sea, and stay tuned for future updates from our own podcast, Groundwork.

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