August 2, 2023

Youth programming under threat, remains vitally important to the future of peacebuilding

Youth programming under threat, remains vitally important to the future of peacebuilding

Earlier this morning, on August 2, 2023, ALLMEP learned that one of our members, Parents Circle Families Forum, was removed from the list of approved organizations in schools by the Ministry of Education. PCFF brings together students and Palestinian and Israeli bereaved families to grieve together and discuss the impact of ongoing violence on their communities.

This comes on the heels of targeted attacks on PCFF’s summer camp, where they bring together Israeli and Palestinian teens to meet kids from the “other side”, and the Joint Memorial with ALLMEP member, Combatants for Peace in April.

These continued efforts to impede peacebuilding programming, and particularly peacebuilding programs that involve youth and an emerging generation of Israelis and Palestinians, are deeply concerning. Across our membership, we have seen threats against these types of activities at a time when they are so desperately needed. 











Concern around the attitudes and lived experiences of some of the youngest Israelis and Palestinians are what motivated ALLMEP and our partners at USIP to conduct groundbreaking youth polling in late 2020, and why are currently conducting a second round, delving deep into the attitudes of 15-21 year old Israelis and Palestinians. 

We know that programs such as those conducted by the Parents Circle can transform young lives. Just as we know that the path to lasting peace, justice, and equality has to include young people. The future of the region is theirs to inherit, and programs like these are often the only opportunity where young Palestinians and Israelis can meet in a safe, secure, and honest environment.

The status quo, defined by violence, mistrust, and separation, cannot persist. These programs are vital to imagining and laying the foundation for a new vision for the region. Join us in standing alongside organizations like PCFF, and all our members, as they fight to carry out their programs.

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