June 4, 2024

Rekindling Hope in Gaza

Rekindling Hope in Gaza

The Arava Institute for Environmental Studies, in partnership with Damour for Community Development, is launching a project on June 7 geared toward the day after in Gaza. Taking the essential need for water, sanitation, and hygiene (abbreviated WASH), as well as energy services, that currently exists and will continue to exist in Gaza after the war, the scope of Jumpstarting Hope in Gaza addresses long scope challenges that need to be addressed.

These efforts run in tandem to immediate relief efforts, addressing short-term challenges as well. Gaza already needs immediate relief in the form of resilient, adaptable infrastructure networks. The Arava Institute and Damour’s proven track record of implementing WASH and energy projects in both the West Bank and in Gaza makes the new partnership the ideal one to lead forward-thinking humanitarian and development decisions in Gaza. The project also includes a host of other NGOs who already possess experience in Gaza. 

Jumpstarting Hope in Gaza makes the case for the decentralization of WASH and energy projects in Gaza for several reasons. First, decentralization makes for infrastructure that is rapidly deployed, easily replicated, and easily scaled. Further, decentralization can be a short-term solution that is deployed at the same time as long-term international rehabilitation initiatives are discussed. In addition, decentralized infrastructure will allow residents to actually receive basic WASH and energy services as reconstruction is underway in different capacities, an immediate and significant impact on the humanitarian crisis. And lastly, these projects build a capacity toward self-sufficiency, however far off this vision may be.   

The Arava Institute has been instrumental in the implementation of water-relation projects that have proven effective, such as decentralized water generators, the transfer of water to Palestinian farmers in the Jordan Valley, and off-grid wastewater treatment plants.

The project will launch on June 7, 2024 with an English-language in-person event at the Peres Center for Peace and Innovation in Tel Aviv from 10:00am to 1:30pm. The event can also be accessed on Zoom and will feature keynote speakers and expert planets to discuss the environmental, political, and social impacts of the conflict in Gaza as well as the potential for transboundary cooperation in the region. 

Speaking at the event are several experts from ALLMEP’s peacebuilding community, including Thabet Abu Rass of ALLMEP member The Abraham Initiatives, as well as Ksenia Svetlova of member ROPES, Maoz Inon, and Amira Mohammed co-creator and host of the podcast Unapologetic: The Third Narrative.

Learn more about Jumpstarting Hope in Gaza and register to attend the June 7 event in person or on Zoom here: https://jumpstartinghopegaza.org/event/ 

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