August 9, 2023

From Project Rozana: Wheels of Hope Program – Providing Access to Healthcare One Journey at a Time

From Project Rozana: Wheels of Hope Program – Providing Access to Healthcare One Journey at a Time

Project Rozana is dedicated to bringing hope and improving lives through their Wheels of Hope program. We are excited to share some positive updates as they begin collecting data this month to track the impact of this remarkable initiative.

In response to the political, cultural and financial constraints that individuals face in obtaining essential healthcare, Project Rozana, in collaboration with Basmat Amal – Smile of Hope in Gaza, launched The Wheels of Hope program. The aim is to assist patients from Gaza seeking specialized medical care in East Jerusalem, the West Bank and Israel through providing safe and reliable transportation. 

In May, they launched a fixed minibus line from Erez Crossing to East Jerusalem. Over the past three months, this new bus line has had some really encouraging results. . In its first month, they assisted 302 passengers, and in June, that number rose to 351. Finally, in July, they saw a significant increase, transporting 499 passengers to their much-needed medical care.


Each passenger represents a story of courage and resilience, and we are honored to be a part of their journey. As Project Rozana continues to collect data, they remain committed to enhancing the program’s efficiency and humanity through medical clowns and lunch boxes, and by expanding its reach to serve even more patients.

Project Rozana firmly believes in the power of collective efforts to bring about positive change. The Wheels of Hope program is a shining example of how together, we can transcend boundaries and create a positive impact on the lives of those in need.

Learn more about Project Rozana and the Wheels of Hope Program here:

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