May 1, 2023

ALLMEP’s Advocacy Day brings peacebuilders back to DC

ALLMEP’s Advocacy Day brings peacebuilders back to DC

Last week, ALLMEP brought together representatives from our network, including leaders drawn from the staff and board of our member organizations, alumni of peacebuilding programs, and longtime supporters of peacebuilding for our annual Advocacy Day in Washington, DC. More than 40 people participated from around the world.


The group met with USAID officials and members of the MEPPA Advisory Board, 20 different Congressional and Senate offices, and the State Department to discuss the importance of people-to-people work, the situation on the ground, and opportunities and challenges facing the peacebuilding field.

A huge thanks to the offices of Senator Collins, Senator Rubio, Representative Joyce, Representative Schneider, Representative Schakowsky, Senator Duckworth, Representative Lee, Senator Murray, Senator Welch, Representative Manning, Senator Coons, Senator Hagerty, Representative Frankel, Representative Meng, Representative McCormick, Representative Pingree, Senator Shaheen, and Senator Murphy for meeting with peacebuilders and learning more about the opportunities and challenges facing the peacebuilding field. With your support, our members are giving peace a real chance in the region.

The first Advocacy Day took place nearly 20 years ago, bringing ALLMEP’s original 12 member organizations to DC to raise awareness about the conflict and bring first hand perspectives to the offices of policy makers. That journey led to hundreds of ALLMEP-led meetings between civil society leaders and political leaders, to the passage of MEPPA in 2020, and to the voices of peacebuilders being pushed to the fore in the policymaking process.

ALLMEP will continue to uphold this tradition and amplify the stories of peacebuilders working on the ground to create a more peaceful and just reality for both Israelis and Palestinians.

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