May 12, 2021

ALLMEP statement on the escalation of violence, channels member statements

The horrific events of recent days, and the weeks of escalating racism, injustice, and violence that preceded them, have tested us all. This tragedy has hit particularly close to home, with ALLMEP’s Regional Program Manager Wasim Almasri losing six of his extended family members in the bombardments that hit Gaza, including three children born into a conflict that they had no culpability for and never had the chance to escape from.

Yet, as we mourn these tragedies and condemn this violence as a community, the situation has reaffirmed the need for our collective work. There can be no peace without Arab/Jewish and Israeli/Palestinian partnership. These values are now being sorely tested. However, they remain the only path out of this tragedy and must form the bedrock of any real strategy for a more just and equitable future.

Our members have been mounting marches, demonstrations and collective appeals to their leaders and communities. The diversity of our membership is a strength in this effort: Our shared society members have been working to keep the delicate fabric of Arab/Jewish partnership together, with inter-communal violence on the rise, and some horrifying scenes in shared cities like Lod, Ramle, Acre and Haifa.

Our cross-border members have been working with Palestinians and Israelis who are scared and traumatized, helping them through this moment. They are urging their leaders to halt his dangerous dynamic immediately, and to think of the innocent lives being lost. Internationally, we are appealing to governments to work urgently to broker an end to this violence, and to finally tackle the underlying issues that have resulted in this devastating escalation.

Below, we have shared statements from our members, as well as the activities and events that they are holding. If you are watching things with a sense of horror or anguish, please share and support the work of our members. Add your voice to theirs. And show solidarity with the Palestinians and Israelis working to end not just this horrendous round of violence, but the injustices, fears and dehumanization that fuel it.

Member Statements:
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