June 28, 2024

ALLMEP Announces Staff Joining Our Team

ALLMEP Announces Staff Joining Our Team

This month, ALLMEP is proud to announce the appointment of two new members to our team, a new Regional Office Manager, Rana Salah, and a new Director of Partnerships, Susan Seely. 

Rana has a wealth of experience in hotel management and tourism. She was born and lives in Jerusalem where she studied Hotel Management. Previously, Rana worked for 10 years in tourism doing operations and reservations. Rana holds a certificate in Human Resources and Administrative Assistant, and a vocational certificate in handicrafts. She also started and owns her own small business. Rana is a board member at Hoqoqona ‘our Rights’ NGO. After October 7th, 2023, she decided to change careers and find a job working in peacebuilding. She is a mother of two daughters and believes in creating a better future for the region. 

Susan brings a depth of experience in nonprofit management, organizational development, and regional conflict education. She previously worked as National Executive Director for NA’AMAT USA, a national social and service organization providing support for women and youth of all backgrounds in Israel. Prior to NA’AMAT, she was the Director at UC Irvine of the Olive Tree Initiative. Susan received her undergraduate degree in Political Science/International Relations from UC Santa Barbara, and a Master of Arts degree in Middle East Studies from the Jackson School of International Studies at the University of Washington. After working briefly on the Hill in Washington D.C. for Senator Harris Wafford, Susan worked as the Director, Middle East and Africa, at the Massachusetts Office of International Trade and Investment under Governor William Weld. 

At this critical moment in ALLMEP’s work and for the peacebuilding community, both Rana and Susan will be instrumental in helping us shape a future rooted in cooperation, justice, equality, and peace in the region. Join us in congratulating Rana and Susan and welcoming them to the ALLMEP team!

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