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The Lowey Fund – Features in the Media

Since its early inception, passage into law in December 2020, and implementation, the Nita M. Lowey Partnership for Middle East Peace Act (MEPPA) has been widely hailed as a historic piece of legislation by the media. The outpouring support and calls for increased action are a testament to the incredible strength of the fund and the recognized need for advancement. Find a list of media mentions below:

“Biden should look to his favorite peace deal to make progress with Israel and Palestine” – Business Insider

“If the G7 wants Middle East peace, Biden should invest in people-to-people peacebuilding. $200 million should do it” – Forward

“Civil society NGOs urge Biden to establish international fund for Israeli-Palestinian peace at G7” – Times of Israel

“To end the conflict in Israel-Palestine, we must learn the lessons of Northern Ireland and invest in peacebuilding on the ground” – The House

“The UK and US can help build an International Fund for Israeli-Palestinian Peace. The time is now.” – Fathom

“Israeli Youth & Young Adults in and the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict-Some Reflections” – Palestine-Israel Journal

“U.S. earmarks $250 million for Israeli-Palestinian peacebuilding” – Ynet

“Congress passes omnibus spending bill, including boosted nonprofit security grants” – Jewish Insider

“Fiscal 2021 Spending Package in Amended HR 133 (Corrected)” – Bloomberg Government

“Omnibus spending package reflects shaky detente in Trump’s final chapter” – Roll Call

“US Congress approves $250m for Israeli-Palestinian dialogue programs in omnibus” – Times of Israel

“Joe Biden Will Enjoy One Advantage No President Ever Had on Israel-Palestine”– Haaretz

“PeaceCast Episode #163: ALLMEP’s $250 Million Achievement”– Americans for Peace Now

“US House approves $250m for Israeli-Palestinian dialogue, business development” — Times of Israel

“U.S. Congress Votes to Include Legislation for Israeli-Palestinian Peace Fund in 2021 Budget” — Ha’aretz

“House Democrats revive bid to fully restore Palestinian aid” — Al-Monitor

“House subcommittee advances $250M for dialogue, Palestinian development” — Forward

House subcommittee advances $250M in spending for dialogue programs and Palestinian business development” — Jewish Telegraphic Agency

“US House subcommittee advances $250m for Israeli-Palestinian dialogue programs” — Times of Israel

“House advances legislation pushing for Israeli-Palestinian partnerships” — Jewish Insider