The 2nd conference on learning and experience for the promotion of shared life and education against racism (Beit Berl)

Going on a journey together - The research laboratory at the Center for the Promotion of Coexistence at Beit Berl Academic College invites you to the second conference on learning and experience for the promotion of shared life and education against racism in the academic colleges of education and teacher training units in universities. A gathering […]

Unite the Field March Members Call

Join ALLMEP for our March members call on March 21. Further details about the call, theme, topic, and goals will be released closer to the date. Register here:

ROPES Webinar: Women in Middle East Peacebuilding and Diplomacy

Join ROPES this Wednesday for a special zoom discussion on the importance of actively involving women in peace negotiations, peace-building, and foreign policy. Women are sometimes the first victims of armed conflicts, and yet they are often poorly represented in diplomacy and negotiation teams. These days, more and more women are demanding their rights to influence […]

Annual IEA Iftar الافطار السنوي لجمعية اللقاء بين الديانات-האפטאר השנתי של אגודת המפגש הבין דתי


You are invited to the Annual IEA Iftar. on March 30 (Thursday), 18:00 at Felm Center (Shivtei Israel 25). אתם מוזמנים לאפטאר השנתי של אגודת המפגש הבין דתי! יום חמישי, 30.3.2023ב18:30, ברחוב שבטי ישראל 25 (מרכז פלם). أنتم مدعويين إلى الإفطار السنوي لجمعية اللقاء بين الديانات! الخميس ،  30.3.2023   الساعة 18:00 ،  شارع شيفتي إسرائيل 25 […]

Join “DUGRI” (“straight talk”)— with Uriya Rosenman and Sameh Zakout a “Heartbeat” event in DC

DUGRI — slang for "straight talk"— is Uriya Rosenman and Sameh Zakout, an Israeli-Palestinian hip-hop duo and education team courageously advancing an honest conversation reflecting Israeli and Palestinian narratives. Through music and story they aim to reconcile with the past and promote a mutually beneficial future. Join us on April 1 for an evening of musical performance and straight-talk. Registration   City State […]

Sipur Hakaya invite you to a Zoom meeting with Mr. Shuli Dichter, an educator and social activist, an expert in the field of relations between Jews and Arabs in Israel (Hebrew)

שולי דיכטר (67) הוא פעיל חברתי-אזרחי בתחום היחסים בין יהודים לערבים בישראל. גדל בקיבוץ מענית וחבר בו עד עתה. אב לבן ושתי בנות; סב ל-10 נכדות ונכדים; וחי עם אביטל, הסבתא שלהם, כבר מעל ל-40 שנה. שולי מחנך במקצועו. שימש כשליח השומר הצעיר בטורונטו; כיהן כמזכיר קיבוצו, מענית, ובמקביל ניהל במשותף את תכנית החינוכית "ילדים […]

The 18th annual Joint Israeli-Palestinian Memorial Ceremony (CfP & PCFF)

The Joint Memorial Ceremony, the largest Israeli-Palestinian peace event is less than one month away. On April 24, 2023, people around the world will gather online and in person to call for peace, freedom, and human rights for all. Register now: