Charitable Stock Gifts

When you give appreciated assets, you avoid paying capital-gains tax on the increased value of your stock. You may also be entitled to a charitable deduction based on the stock’s current value. Essentially, donating your appreciated stocks or mutual funds could give you a combined tax savings of up to 70% of your gift, ultimately making for a larger contribution to ALLMEP and a larger deduction for you.

How to donate stock to ALLMEP

Your broker will need the following information:

DTC Eligible Securities

Account Name: Alliance for Middle East Peace

DTC#: 0226

PNC Investments

Account #: 005 033 045DTC # 0443

Fed Eligible Securities (Treasury Securities)

Mutual Fund Assets

If you are transferring a mutual fund asset, please contact ALLMEP before initiating that transaction.

Let us know when you have completed your request to your broker so that we can follow up. Please alert ALLMEP at of your pending stock donation (including the company and number of shares) so that we can credit your gift in a timely and accurate manner.

ALLMEP’s Tax ID/EIN: 20-5879279

To give by phone, please email us at