Amal Spoken Arabic


AMAL (the Hebrew acronym for “Spoken Arabic for All”) was established in 2010 to expose Jewish children in Israel and their parents to Arabs and to the Arabic language and culture in a highly positive manner. We seek to change the negative stereotypes that many Jews in Israel have towards Arabs. By making the knowledge of Arabic and Arab culture more accessible to Jewish children from an early age, we aim to promote an atmosphere of peace, tolerance and mutual respect between Jews and Arabs in Israeli society. To date, our cohorts have taught thousands of Jewish elementary school children in Tel Aviv schools, exposing these children for the first time to positive role-models from the Arab sector. In addition to the society building benefits, our program provides students from the Arab sector with a scholarship that helps them to pay for their university studies. The Arab students gain valuable experience of working in an environment which is different from the one that they grew up in. The program is fully endorsed by Israel’s Ministry of Education.