Regional Programs

ALLMEP is the largest and fastest-growing network of Palestinian and Israelis peacebuilders, providing essential services and collaborative opportunities to its member organizations. Those members are uniquely drawn from both the shared society and cross-border realms, welcoming NGOs working towards a more just and equal society within Israel, and for peace between Israelis and Palestinians.

Alumni Leadership Forum

Over the past several decades, Israeli and Palestinian peace NGOs in the people-to-people community have produced tens of thousands of program alumni who have been transformed by the experience of engaging with “the other.” Our community’s collective theory of change rests upon the conviction that these alumni are primed for leadership, and can catalyze the change that we envision for the region.

But too often, even the most effective organizations are understandably preoccupied with the ongoing work of recruiting and training new participants rather than ensuring that those who have already graduated are leveraging their power for social and political impact. This is why ALLMEP conducted a field-wide needs assessment, and launched the Alumni Leadership Forum (ALF).

Now in its second year, ALF brings together 20 alumni coordinators from a cross-section of ALLMEP member organizations to learn from each other’s best practices, maximize resources, and conduct joint activities that harness the inherent power laying within of our field’s alumni networks. Meeting monthly and culminating in an annual conference, ALLMEP’s Alumni Leadership Forum seeks to professionalize the field, and open pathways for the next generation of Israeli and Palestinian leaders to emerge from our community.

Capacity Building and Member Services

By working together, our community can be more than just the sum of its parts. ALLMEP’s expert regional team provides services and consultancy to its members on their programs, operations, and campaigns, as well as assists in crisis management and strategic planning. Our team has helped to facilitate the emergence of innovative new actors such as Women Wage Peace, now numbering over 40,000 members, and harnessed its field-wide expertise and awareness to facilitate partnerships that have dramatically expanded the reach and efficiency of our member organizations.

ALLMEP is also developing an innovative new capacity building program, focused on the needs of the cross-border peacebuilding field, and on the growth of a group of highly networked, best-in-class organizations. This program will enable our community to leverage and absorb the increased international resources our International Fund campaign is on the verge of securing, ensuring that every dollar our advocacy unlocks goes that much further.

Mid East Storytellers

ALLMEP and B8 of Hope, joined by, Pendulum, are very proud to bring stories from peacebuilders on the ground, written and told by those affected by the conflict, through an online festival and competition that celebrates the perseverance of humanity. Listen to them tell their story with no distortion, hear the yearning for peace and justice, the human values of connection, and the dignified way they lift each other in a very complicated conflict zone. Read the stories here.

Annual Conference

ALLMEP’s regional peacebuilding conference is the largest annual convening of the people-to-people community, who rarely have opportunities to gather in one place and think systemically, rather than individually. Every year, we convene our community along with diplomats, policymakers, and philanthropists for a day-long program that dives into the challenges and opportunities of the moment. What emerges are countless partnerships, joint programs, and campaigns—along with the solidarity and strength drawn from realizing that we are all part of a wider collective.