International Fund for Israeli-Palestinian Peace

There are 13.5 million Israelis and Palestinians living in the region, yet the international community is spending less than $4 per person, per year, towards peace in the region. By comparison, to achieve a sustainable peace in Northern Ireland, the international community spent over a billion dollars over two decades. This averaged spending of $33 per person, per year—starting twelve years before a peace deal was reached—is almost ten times the amount invested in similar efforts between Israelis and Palestinians. This investment occurred through a multilateral funding mechanism called the International Fund for Ireland, created by the U.S. Congress and funded by public and private entities across the world.

Legislation for an International Fund for Israeli-Palestinian Peace is making its way through the United States Congress,  with MEPPA promising $250 million over five years towards such a priority. With the government of the United Kingdom having officially announced its support for the concept, and various other governments registering interest: ALLMEP’s advocacy for this game-changing project is at its most advanced stage to-date. All the while, ALLMEP continues to defend and grow existing funding for people-to-people peacebuilding projects from governments right around the world.