International Fund for Israeli-Palestinian Peace

There are 13.5 million Israelis and Palestinians living in the region, yet the international community is spending less than $4 per person, per year, towards peace in the region. By comparison, to achieve a sustainable peace in Northern Ireland, the international community spent over a billion dollars over two decades. This averaged spending of $33 per person, per year—starting twelve years before a peace deal was reached—is almost ten times the amount invested in similar efforts between Israelis and Palestinians. This investment occurred through a multilateral funding mechanism called the International Fund for Ireland, created by the U.S. Congress and funded by public and private entities across the world.

Our Flagship Advocacy Campaign

Spearheaded by the Alliance for Middle East Peace, the International Fund for Israeli-Palestinian Peace is envisioned as a $200 million annual fund dedicated to creating the civic foundations upon which a lasting peace can be built. The Fund would scale and incentivize the further development of highly effective people-to-people programs, enabling them to achieve national and institutionalized levels of reach and impact, transforming attitudes and lived experiences within and between each society.

Current Advocacy Efforts

The Middle East Partnership for Peace Act

In July 2020, the U.S. House of Representatives passed the Middle East Partnership for Peace Act, historic legislation delivering unprecedented funding for Israeli-Palestinian peacebuilding and Palestinian economic development. When successfully enacted, it will provide $250 million over five years in order to expand peace and reconciliation work in the region. This legislation is the result of over a decade of advocacy by the Alliance for Middle East Peace. Over that time, ALLMEP has built a coalition of organizations across the political spectrum– including the likes of J Street, New Israel Fund, Jewish Federations of North America, Israel Action Network, Churches for Middle East Peace, AIPAC, AJC, and Israel Policy Forum– who have endorsed and championed this project. When successfully enacted, this new fund will allow for multilateral partnership with other donor states, and provide the largest infusion of funds for peace and reconciliation programming in Israel and Palestine, transforming civil society over the long term.

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Around the World

The UK government has confirmed its support for the International Fund concept, with Her Majesty’s Government’s Minister for the Middle East announcing that support to the House of Commons in 2018. Several other major governmental funders are at advanced levels of discussions about participation in– and contribution to– this project. ALLMEP’s advocacy has also contributed toward leading think tanks and institutions endorsing the concept, with the role of civil society now firmly placed in policy papers regularly produced by the Office of the Quartet, the United Nations, and the European Union.