January 11, 2021

You’re invited: Mid East Storytellers

Oftentimes when the world hears about Palestine and Israel from the mainstream media, the stories told are fixed on the bloody nature of the conflict. These stories never discuss building relations across the political spectrum, never about the joint actions done by both Palestinian and Israeli peace activists, and never about the nonviolent nature of these actions. These stories also tend to be by outsiders, and not by those who live in the region, whose stories they own.

ALLMEP and B8 of Hope, joined by our new partner, Pendulum, are very proud to bring stories from peacebuilders on the ground, written and told by those affected by the conflict, through an online festival and competition that celebrates the perseverance of humanity.

Join us to hear from those who take risks to meet, but also feel proud of being peacebuilders. Listen to them tell their story with no distortion, hear the yearning for peace and justice, the human values of connection, and the dignified way they lift each other in a very complicated conflict zone. Join us to reignite hope for the Middle East.

The Jury 

Sanam Shantyaei- Paris-based Journalist with 16 years of experience. Currently host and segment-producer of Middle East Matters, France 24’s flagship show.

Dan Shadur- Filmmaker and writer based in Tel Aviv. His documentaries premiered in major film festivals around the world and screened on various international platforms.

Ibtisam Mara’ana- Palestinian filmmaker and activist. In her documentaries, she investigates the borders and boundaries of Palestinian and Israeli society with a focus on women and minorities.

Ittai Aminoff- CEO and owner of KWAA, this year’s co-sponsors of the festival. A digital marketing expert with a background in UX and web production.

Join us on Thursday, January 21, 8:00 pm-8:45 pm Jerusalem time.