January 10, 2021

Young Professionals Program— PATHWAYS and ALLMEP Partnership

Over the course of the past few months, many ALLMEP members suspended in-person activities and cancelled or postponed their summer camps till 2021. The pandemic caused a massive setback in the people-to-people field in Palestine and Israel. And while some of our members were able to make an easy transition to online programming, for others, it was more difficult than anticipated. There was an evident gap in summer activities this year, especially inside our cross-border community.

ALLMEP member, PATHWAYS institute for Negotiation Education, is a pioneering entity in the field of leadership development. They have, over the years, “brought together students, educators, and social impact professionals from across diverse communities to learn and apply a problem-solving approach to negotiation based on methodology developed at the Harvard Negotiation Project.”

We partnered with PATHWAYS to design and create a leadership capacity building program aimed to fill the community gap in summer programming, in addition to delivering exceptional leadership training in a monitored and secured environment. All of this was done online, meaning that COVID-19 could not prevent the Palestinian, Israeli or international participants from connecting with each other and participating as peers.

Read more about the program here.