April 14, 2020

ALLMEP demands immediate release of Gaza peace activists

ALLMEP strongly objects to the unjust detention of seven peace activists from our member organization, the Gaza Youth Committee. We continue to demand their immediate release, and would like to thank the governments, international agencies, and human rights organizations that are assisting us in this effort. 

In recent days, we have seen actors on either side of a partisan divide leverage this injustice towards their own ends. Playing politics with the lives of these seven activists is not only morally wrong; it could prolong their detention in unsafe conditions during a global pandemic. All efforts must be focused on securing their immediate release, and on safeguarding the rights of peacebuilders to do their vital work in pursuit of a just peace in our region. 

Please share this important report from Human Rights Watch and urge your elected officials to prioritize the immediate release of these seven peace activists, as well as urgent action on what the Gaza Youth Committee sought to draw attention to in the first place: the crisis in Gaza.

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