January 29, 2020

There can be no peace without Palestinians.

ALLMEP’s statement on the Trump Administration’s proposal for Israeli-Palestinian peace

The release of the long-promised “Deal of the Century” represents several controversial and dangerous breaks from international norms.

For ALLMEP and our community, there is a red line that cannot be crossed: the principle of dialogue, consent, and mutual agreement between the parties. This value is embedded into our DNA and that of our 120+ members, who live it every single day despite the inherent challenges.

Why? Because it is the basic foundation of peace. Put simply, any “peace effort” that ignores the rights and agency of one party does not meet the basic definition of the term, and will be incapable of resolving conflict. In fact, it could very well escalate it. 

Peace will not be achieved by grand statements or unilateral steps. It can be within reach only when majorities of Palestinians and Israelis are in agreement on how they will share this land. But it is not just about lines on a map. Any peace plan worth its name must address how Israelis and Palestinians will both be guaranteed the rights, security, and self-determination they are equally entitled to. These are the conditions necessary for societies to live at peace with their neighbors and themselves. 

ALLMEP’s member organizations are leading the hard work of peacebuilding every day. They’re engaging in the uncomfortable but unavoidable conversations—and building the trust, empathy, and partnerships—necessary for a genuine peace. They’re confronting the challenges that their leaders and interlocutors are shirking, and finding concrete points of agreement.   

There are no shortcuts to peace other than radically scaling, professionalizing, and accelerating people-to-people peacebuilding efforts, which is precisely ALLMEP’s mission. Regardless of how the debate evolves in the coming weeks, ALLMEP will continue to advocate for such a process. We will continue to amplify those voices, and we will continue to insist on equal Palestinian and Israeli agency in any process that determines the fate of their lands and their lives. 

In peace and solidarity,

Huda Abuarquob
Regional Director

John Lyndon
Executive Director

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