June 13, 2022

Mid East Storytellers public art exhibit launches in Geneva’s Old Town

This month, Geneva’s residents and visitors– as well as diplomats from around the world, posted to the United Nations–  are being treated to an an exhibition of Israeli/Palestinian peacebuilding. 

The Geneva Old Town exhibit of “Mid East Storytellers” was launched last week at the Promenade de Saint-Antoine, where the powerful stories of Palestinian and Israeli peace activists will stay until June 19th thanks to the support of City of Geneva/Ville de Genève, all as part of this innovative collaboration between ALLMEP, B8ofHope and Pendulum.

Speaking at the launch event, B8 of Hope’s Mehra Rimer said “one of our missions is to make the voices of peacebuilders louder than those of warmongers. This exhibit was an occasion to join forces with ALLMEP and give these courageous Israeli and Palestinian peacebuilders more visibility and audibility Yes… you can even hear their voices when you scan the QR code at the bottom of each portrait!”

The interactive outdoor exhibit platforms the work and stories of ALLMEP members, and their activism toward Israeli/Palestinian peace, and follows a previous exhibit at the The Centre des arts of the International School of Geneva in Novemebr, as well as at ALLMEP’s “Unite the Field” Peacebuilders Conference in Jerusalem on May 31st, with further iterations planned for the United States later this year. 

Video link: https://www.facebook.com/b8ofhope/videos/512877663928925/

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