August 22, 2022

Capacity builders from across the field join together to discuss ways to strengthen the peacebuilding community

What are the needs of the field now? And how are we tailoring our programming to address those needs?” asked ALLMEP’s Regional Director, Huda Abuarquob.

Last week, ALLMEP worked to help address these questions by meeting with the Capacity Building Practitioners’ Forum, which includes Positeam, Amal-Tikva, Shatil, Search for Common Ground, Pathways for Negotiation, Torge Kuebler, and ALLMEP. The forum is a collective of capacity building organizations and consultants, who work to help grassroots activists and NGOs on the ground strengthen their teams in applying for grants, strategizing communications, organizational leadership, and much more.

Each member of the forum brings unique expertise to the table, sharing insights from their work, trends and needs that they recognize in the field, and helps to strengthen one another’s work.

For example, ALLMEP conducted a field-wide needs assessment last year which examined the top priorities and expressed needs of our membership. Drawing data from a select amount of interviews conducted with its cross-border and Palestinian membership, ALLMEP identified several key needs for this group of organisations. ALLMEP was not alone in this endeavor, recognizing that the other members of the Capacity Building Practitioners Forum had conducted their own needs assessments and studies among their own audiences, delivering similar outcomes.

By joining together, the forum is able to share knowledge, best practices, and create a community of organizations that are working to enhance the field. The strength of the forum lies in its ability to collaborate on these shared initiatives and ensure that peacebuilders are operating to their fullest capabilities.

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