November 1, 2022

ALLMEP staff from around the world gather for first team retreat in over two years

ALLMEP staff from around the world gather for first team retreat in over two years

Last month, ALLMEP’s team traveled to France for a team retreat to map our 2023 programming, advocacy efforts, and to strengthen our efforts as a staff. Gathered from Paris, Berlin, Washington, New York, Israel, and Palestine, this was the first retreat of its kind in ALLMEP’s history, and an important milestone for the team . A huge thank you is owed to ALLMEP member and partner, B8 of Hope, for their incredible generosity in housing us in France and allowing us to work out of their beautiful space.

This team has achieved an incredible amount of success over the last few years, despite working largely over Zoom and WhatsApp. Now, having met in person for the better part of a week, the team is committed to strategically pursuing the incredible moment that MEPPA has provided at the conclusion of its first year.

MEPPA’s first year set a new record for single-year peacebuilding funds committed from the U.S. government, with more than $25m going to peacebuilding programs. And the promise of greater impact is on the horizon, thanks to the growing support for a broader internationalized approach to support peacebuilders. In tandem, ALLMEP has been working with its membership to strengthen their operations, staff capacities, public visibility, and collaborative spirit, rolling out programs and services that help build a more cohesive and empowered peacebuilding field in Palestine and Israel.

“Especially since ALLMEP has grown during the pandemic, it made all the difference to be able to bring everyone together in one place to connect and plan even higher impact programs together face-to-face,” said ALLMEP founder and president, Avi Meyerstein. “B8 of Hope’s hospitality really helped to supercharge our team, which will take that energy into supporting over 150 organizations working in the field.”

A special thank you again to our allies at B8ofHope for providing us with this space to dive so deeply into this work and for all they do to support so many ALLMEP members. We will continue to build on the accomplishments of this retreat, and set new and ambitious goals for our programming and advocacy efforts. For more information, please visit our website

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