August 14, 2022

ALLMEP Members Respond to Recent Escalation in Gaza

Following the most recent outbreak of violence, ALLMEP members have rallied and shown the power of civil society as they made calls for a ceasefire and diplomacy that can break this ongoing cycle of escalation. Our members are no strangers to taking action in the face of such violence , with similar responses taking place during  May 2021’s devastating war. In times of crises and stability, ALLMEP’s community of peace activists continues to be a primary proprietor of peacebuilding. Check out the actions our members have taken since the escalation in Gaza below: 

Since August 5th, Women Wage Peace has regularly called for ceasefire and political negotiations on their social media pages in conjunction with a joint statement with Women of the Sun. Both organizations also ran a front page ad in Ha’aretz, welcoming the ceasefire and calling for diplomacy. 

On August 5th, Combatants for Peace called for an end to the violence for both Gazan and Israeli citizens.

On August 6th, Standing Together hosted demonstrations in Rahat, Haifa, Umm El Fahm, Tel Aviv, Jaffa and Jerusalem, calling for a ceasefire.

On August 6th, Erick Yelin, CEO of Other Voice, wrote from Sderot on his thoughts regarding the violence and peaceful solutions following.

On August 6th, Itach Maaki called for a ceasefire and reminded us of the importance of UN Resolution 1325 in the protection of women and children in conflict.

On August 6th, Parents Circle Families Forum called for an end to the war and violence on their Facebook page. In addition, ALLMEP published a statement written by their Director of International Relations, Robi Damelin, which spoke to the mothers of Israel and Palestine.

On August 9th, Physicians for Human Rights in Israel began fundraising to send medical supplies to Gaza as their health department experiences a shortage due to the escalation.

Our members will continue to call for an end to violence and for the sort of diplomacy– powered by civil society engagement– that can end this tragic dynamic, and instead deliver the peace, security and equality that Israelis and Palestinians deserve.

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