June 11, 2020

Amid pandemic, ALLMEP members support local communities

The coronavirus pandemic has forced all of us to change the way we work. For ALLMEP members, whose work is essential to many Israeli and Palestinian communities, and centers around bringing people together, this crisis has posed a tremendous challenge. Organizations in our network had to quickly shift to new models and adapt their programs in order to continue their important work remotely. We are proud to share that our community has not skipped a beat, and we wanted to highlight how a few of them have adapted to this new reality. 

Project Rozana was able to secure twenty medical ventilators for Palestinian hospitals so far. The ventilators were delivered in an inspiring event with the Palestinian Foreign Ministry. Project Rozana is also working to fund critical and comprehensive online and onsite training for Palestinian ICU-based medical teams by specialists working at Rambam Hospital in the northern Israeli city of Haifa. Click here to watch the message delivered by Project Rozana Chair Ron Finkel on the occasion.

AJEEC-NISPED has established the Arab-Bedouin Corona Situation Room. They have distributed 4,000 food packages to families in need; 75,000 face masks to the residents of unrecognized villages; 40,000 gloves with the help of our 200 daily volunteers; 5,000 hand bottles of sanitizer to local stakeholders; 10,000 educational kits to Bedouin children; and even established a Laptop Library. AJEEC-NISPED is now transitioning to working from their offices while preparing for the possibility of a second wave.

Mahapach-Taghir, which works with marginalized communities in Israel, sees their services as essential to their community during this pandemic. They started Steering Committees which brought light to ongoing challenges and helped the organization find and implement solutions for their participants. Their March Campaign “Things I did during COVID-19 that I’m proud of” featured conversations between women and youth, showcasing videos, photos, and texts aimed at strengthening, supporting, and uplifting peoples’ spirits throughout the crisis. In addition, they held webinars about the crisis and participated in alumni projects. 

Our members have shown incredible resilience and imagination in response to the global pandemic. ALLMEP is proud to continue to support them and is working to ensure their survival and growth. Read more about ALLMEP’s response to the coronavirus crisis here.