April 10, 2021

ALLMEP members continue to publish, shining light on their work and the broader field of practice

ALLMEP is excited to share that two leaders from our community have published books on their lives and work in service of Israeli/Palestinian peace. ALLMEP’s network contains not only expert practitioners in peacebuilding and conflict resolution, but some of the field’s foremost thought leaders. As they work tirelessly to transform the lived realities of Palestinians and Israelis on the ground, they are also sharing lessons learned, best practices, and personal experiences with the broader peacebuilding community and the wider world through their writing.

Rabbi Dr. Daniel Roth is the Director of Mosaica, the Jewish center of the Religious Peace Initiative. Mosaica enhances the political process through ‘insider religious mediators’, working discreetly to connect a network of relationships between senior religious leaders throughout Israel, the Palestinian territories, and the Middle East.

In his recent book, Third Party Peacemakers in Judaism: Text, Theory, and Practice, published by Oxford University Press, Rabbi Dr. Roth explores thirty-six case studies featuring third-party peacemakers drawn from Jewish classical, medieval, and early-modern rabbinic literature. The book includes historical and theoretical analyses of each case study, as well as going a step further in reflecting on the practical implications of these case studies on current peacebuilding practice in the region and in particular into his work of religious mediation in the context of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Roth explained, “The book is the culmination of years of textual research about Jewish mediation and peacemaking and today it serves as the conceptual framework and religious motivation for much of my work at Mosaica.”

Sulaiman Khatib is the former Director and co-founder of Combatants for Peace, a joint initiative of Palestinians and Israelis who have taken an active part in the cycle of violence; Israelis as soldiers in the Israeli army (IDF) and Palestinians as part of the violent struggle for Palestinian freedom. After brandishing weapons for many years, Combatants for Peace is a collective of people who have decided to lay down arms and, instead, fight for peace.

In his book, In This Place Together: A Palestinian’s Journey to Collective Liberation, Sulaiman Khatib joins Penina Eilberg-Schwartz for a joint writing project that tells Khatib’s personal story: how he spent ten years of his early life in Israeli jails, and how he came to dedicate his life to joint nonviolent work with Israelis. The book is a broader poetic and narrative meditation on joint non-violence, Palestinian-Israeli coresistance in the face of occupation, and on the complexities of creating a new narrative around the conflict.

Combatants for Peace and Mosaica are both ALLMEP member organizations, working every day– in very different ways– toward a common goal of peace in the region. Their work offers key insights into the conflict and practical approaches to addressing violence in the region.

Both Daniel and Souli’s books demonstrate the deep reservoir of expertise and thought-leadership within ALLMEP’s community, and the ideas and insights that– if resourced properly– can help transform reality for Israelis and Palestinians.

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