February 16, 2023

ALLMEP member Women Wage Peace celebrates last year’s accomplishments and sets goals for upcoming year

ALLMEP member Women Wage Peace celebrates last year’s accomplishments and sets goals for upcoming year

Originally Written by Women Wage Peace

Women Wage Peace is not giving up despite new tensions and troubles in the land we call home. We remain committed to finding a way to live in peace; the common humanity of all who share this land demands no less. This past year we have accomplished much:

  • We formed a new partnership between WWP and Women of the Sun, our Palestinian counterparts already numbering 2500 members in the West Bank and Gaza. In a moving launch at the Dead Sea we initiated a joint appeal to our political leaders, the Mothers’ Call and carried out a number of highly visible joint actions in Israel.
  • We obtained bipartisan support for our Political Alternatives First bill in the previous Knesset.
  • We kept operating on the ground throughout Israel, and in September and October we launched our Journey to Peace, from North to South, and arrived in Jerusalem to bring our Mothers’ Call to the President.
  • We met with Knesset members from many different parties and representatives of Women Wage Peace spoke at Knesset Committee meetings.
  • We expanded our reach in mainstream and social media.
  • We strengthened the international support in Women Wage Peace and our partnership with Women of the Sun.
  • We expanded our collaboration with Israeli peace organizations and women movements, to join forces and increase our impact.


With your continued support, we can better build on these achievements in the coming year by

  • redoubling our grassroots efforts together with Women of the Sun;
  • extending and deepening ties to the diplomatic community to enlist international support for our vision;
  • expanding our presence in the media to engage more sectors of Israeli society in the pursuit of peace;
  • and finally, holding a massive event in the Fall of this year that will attract thousands of Israelis, Palestinians, and worldwide supporters, feature international influencers, and bring our Mothers’ Call to millions of women worldwide.


To execute our plans and increase our impact, we need your partnership.

This is the opportunity for all of us together to take part in creating a change for a better future for ourselves, our children, and next generations.

Our Annual Crowdfunding Campaign will begin on February 12th and continue until February 20th. Each donation will be doubled! Learn how to support us here.

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