February 28, 2022

ALLMEP member, Hand in Hand, is named as a recipient of the Global Centre for Pluralism’s 2021 Global Pluralism Award

Each year, the Global Centre for Pluralism honors civil society organizations for their outstanding achievements to support more inclusive societies worldwide. They bring together an international jury of judges to review hundreds of candidates from over seventy different countries, and honor their contributions to pluralism and inclusivity through the Global Pluralism Awards.

In February 2022, they announced three winners for the 2021 awards, including ALLMEP Member, Hand in Hand: Center for Jewish-Arab Education in Israel.

Hand in Hand works as a network of integrated, bilingual and multicultural schools equipping a new generation to live together in cooperation and respect.  In these schools, Hebrew and Arabic languages have equal status, as do both cultures and national narratives. With over 2,000 students and support from a community of active citizens who come together in solidarity and dialogue, Hand in Hand works to build a shared, inclusive society.

Join us in congratulating Hand in Hand and learn more about their work and the award here!