May 27, 2021

ALLMEP member, A Land for All, awarded 2020/2021 Outstanding Peace Support prize

On May 28, 2021, peacebuilders from around the globe will gather for the 9th Annual Luxembourg Peace Prize ceremony. Supported by the Schengen Peace Foundation, the event honors the outstanding work of peace activists and organizations in a variety of categories. This year, ALLMEP Member, A Land for All – Two States, One Homeland, is being recognized with the 2020/2021 Outstanding Peace Support prize thanks to the nomination from B8 of Hope, for their outstanding work in the region and the support that they provide to ongoing peacebuilding efforts in Israel-Palestine. 

When asked about the award, A Land for All, Nasri Barghouti, quoted Albert Einstein in saying, “‘The world is a dangerous place to live; not because of the People who are evil, but because of the People who don’t do anything about it.’… A Land for All saw the path of uprooting evil is the platform for creating justice for the people who reside in the land between the River Jordan and the Mediterranean Sea.”

A Land for All – Two States, One Homeland was born out of a series of meetings which resulted in a Statement of Principles: democracy, freedom of movement, sovereignty, justice, security, Jerusalem, and a homeland for all in the framework of a confederation of two independent States with several joint institutions. Recognizing the delicate situation in historic Palestine, the movement seeks the formation of an international body acceptable to both sides (including Arab League, UN, EU) to guarantee the plan’s implementation and support it diplomatically, legally, and economically.

“At times when there’s a growing international awareness that a regime of Israeli supremacy has established itself between the Jordan river and the Mediterranean sea, it is of utmost importance that Jews and Palestinians living in this land raise their voices in favor of a just and shared future, based on equal personal and national rights for all. Winning the Luxembourg Peace Prize is a huge encouragement for us, in A Land for All – Two States, One Homeland, to continue our work in order to make this future possible,” explained Meron Rapaport, of A Land for All.

Join us in extending our congratulations to A Land for All for this amazing accomplishment and in celebrating their well-deserved global recognition. ALLMEP members continue to impress on the global stage, raising awareness around the conflict and demonstrating the incredible impact of their People-to-People programming. The awards ceremony will be made available online as a wider part of the 5th Annual Transatlantic Dialogue Conference at the University of Luxembourg. Learn more about the award and their work here!