May 14, 2020

ALLMEP’s COVID-19 action plan

COVID-19 has the exact same approach as our network: people-to-people. This crisis has created enormous disruption for the peacebuilding community, and with the threat of annexation on the horizon, their values are needed more than ever. ALLMEP’s role has been vital during this time. 

In early March, we developed an emergency response plan for our field. By identifying and leveraging the opportunities hidden within this crisis, we are taking the greatest assets in our network– our members and their resilience– and creating stronger field-wide partnerships and greater synergies than at any time in memory. 

Our COVID-19 action plan is rooted in a culture of partnership. It encompasses: 

  • Working with our 125+ member organizations to create strategies and facilitate partnerships that reduce costs, maximize efficiency, and adapt programs
  • Launching four distinct working groups focused on programs; visibility; fundraising; and operations. With over 100 representatives from our community, these groups are helping our members adapt to their new reality; providing a platform for resource-sharing, partnership, and expert insights from journalists, social media consultants, philanthropists, and more
  • Providing individual consultation to over 60 members, helping them to implement best practices for donor cultivation, programming, and communication
  • Securing the commitments of governments, major donors and foundations to sustain, and even expand their commitments to peacebuilding organizations

ALLMEP also launched a Ramadan campaign in response to the pandemic. In partnership with ALLMEP members Taghyeer, Kids4Peace, Zimam Palestine, and Sulha Peace Project as well as our partners at B8 of Hope, we are running a social media campaign to collect donations to support vulnerable Palestinian families observing Ramadan during the pandemic. This campaign was the first of its kind, bringing several ALLMEP members together to serve their local communities during the holy month of Ramadan.

Finally, we worked with our member organizations Combatants for Peace and the Parents Circle Families Forum to make their 15th Annual Israeli-Palestinian Memorial Day Ceremony entirely virtual. We helped develop a communications and media strategy that helped attract over 200,000 viewers worldwide, making it the largest-ever jointly organized Israeli-Palestinian peace event.

The coronavirus pandemic has proven that networks are more critical than ever. In these trying times, we are working closer with our members than ever before. We are strengthening our connection and leveraging our collective voice. We believe the work that we are doing today is not only helping our members to adapt, but will strengthen our community for the future to come.