September 20, 2023

ALLMEP convenes southern members to discuss unique challenges and opportunities in our network

ALLMEP convenes southern members to discuss unique challenges and opportunities in our network

Last week, ALLMEP staff headed south for a special convening of our members and partners doing shared society programming in the south of Israel. The convening brought together directors, program coordinators, and grassroots activists to discuss ALLMEP’s support, advocacy concerns, and potential shared programming.

The meeting was attended by the Arava Institute for Environmental Studies, Future in the Desert (Atid Bamidbar), Other Voice, New Dawn in the Negev, AJEEC Nisped, Regional Council of Unrecognized Bedouin Villages and Desert Stars. As a part of the discussion, the group explored each organization’s needs and offerings, and considered how ALLMEP’s network can support collaboration across the field.

For example, several participants detailed the strengths of their alumni programming. At the same time, other groups explained that their strengths lie in job placement and volunteer opportunities. Or another group who explained that they offer mentorship and training in storytelling and narrative. By analyzing these strengths, ALLMEP was able to facilitate a conversation about how these organizations can support one another, highlighting key challenges facing the field and the path forward.

One shared concern that was expressed by attendees was the ongoing need for support. With new government policies shrinking civil society, anti-Bedouin public campaigns, and a lack of resources being directed to southern-based organizations, these organizations face immense challenges. We further discussed shared advocacy efforts and ALLMEP’s work to support a strong and vibrant civil society.

The group has agreed to meet every six months to update one another on programming and explore opportunities for collaboration. As we continue to support a peacebuilding field that prioritizes cooperation, convenings like this are so important to ensuring the connectivity of the field.

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