U.S. annual people-to-people funding

ALLMEP has secured more than $90 million in U.S. funding for people-to-people peacebuilding efforts in Israel and Palestine through U.S. annual government funding. Despite large cuts to foreign aid, our efforts have contributed to over $200 million in federal grants to people-to-people efforts worldwide. Read more


International Fund for Israeli-Palestinian Peace

Today there are tens of thousands of Israelis and Palestinians working together to build peace on the ground in the Middle East. In order for peace to arrive or survive, tomorrow there must be millions. To respond to this need, ALLMEP has proposed the creation of an International Fund for Israeli-Palestinian Peace inspired by the International Fund for Ireland created over 20 years ago. Read more


ALLMEP regional operations

Our regional team works to build a strong sense of community among our members and to amplify their voices in order to bring sustainable, impactful change to the region. Our regional staff works with our growing membership to provide support and member services. Read more