Ways to Give

“Supporting ALLMEP leverages my philanthropic dollars exponentially. With its unique bird’s eye view of the regional peace building field, they help more than 150 member organizations mange everything from day to day planning and overcoming local obstacles and challenges to creating innovative collaborations to growing the scale, influence and impact of the members’ work. Add to that the successful strategic advocacy the ALLMEP team leads in the US Congress and among foreign governments worldwide, the ALLMEP model is a winning strategy regardless of which political parties control the purse strings.”

ALLMEP is the largest and fastest-growing network of Palestinian and Israeli peacebuilders. Day in and day out, ALLMEP works to support efforts to secure a more just and peaceful reality for everyone living in the region. From advocacy to programming, membership trainings to network building, ALLMEP supports a network of over 150 member organizations in the region. Our advocacy has secured hundreds of millions of dollars for the field, including the historic passing of the Nita M. Lowey Middle East Partnership for Peace Act (MEPPA). MEPPA commits $250 million to peacebuilding and economic development projects over the next five years, the single largest investment in peacebuilding in the region. These resources greatly help the field, at a time when peacebuilding activities are finally being taken to a scale that can match and compete with the level of the conflict.

Join ALLMEP, as we continue to advocate for an international fund and prepare the field to receive unprecedented amounts of funding in the coming years. Together, we can light the way toward a more just and peaceful future.

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