U.S. Annual People-to-People Funding


ALLMEP has secured more than $90 million in U.S. funding for people-to-people peacebuilding efforts in Israel and Palestine through U.S. annual government funding. Despite large cuts to foreign aid, our efforts have contributed to over $200 million in federal grants to people-to-people efforts worldwide.

As a result of ALLMEP’s advocacy, Congress has appropriated $26 million annually for worldwide reconciliation programs since 2008, $10 million of which is dedicated to Israeli-Palestinian people-to-people programs. This program is managed by USAID’s Office of Conflict Management and Mitigation and commonly referred to as CMM.


ALLMEP Recipients of CMM Grants*

Near East Foundation (8/2013-8/2016: $1,200,000): [Sub-Award: Peres Center for Peace and the Palestinian Center for Agricultural Research and Development]: The “Youth Agribusiness Partnership” project provides eight joint one-week training sessions on micro-enterprise agribusiness development to generate jobs and income, promote technical upgrades, and increase access to markets. This project works with 17 Palestinian and Israeli farming communities including Tubas, Aqqaba, Tayasser, Jeftlik, Fasayel, Aqrabneyeh, Albathan, Nasareyeh, Zbaidat, Marj Naejeh, Fara’a, and Jericho in the West Bank; Iksal, Kibbutz Neve Eitan, Kibbutz Gevaa, Kibbutz Ginosar, and Kibbutz Sde Eliahu in Israel.

Sikkuy – The Association for the Advancement of Civic Equality (9/2013-9/2016: $898,898): [Sub-Award: MEDJI]: The “Opening Hearts and Homes: Tourism for Equality and Shared Society between the Arab and Jewish citizens of Israel (TESS)” project develops tourism programs to increase visitors to locations such as Wadi Ara, Umm al Fahem, and the neighboring Menashe regional council. This project increases economic development while raising awareness and understanding of both cultures through training and capacity building of tour operators.

Parents Circle-Families Forum (9/2014-3/2017: $990,308): [Sub-Award: Generation for Peace]: The “Narratives for Change” project focuses on bringing the “Parallel Narrative Experience” methodology to new target groups and building the capacity of more than 180 participants. Through 120 events including training sessions and dialogue encounters, the project aims for a gradual humanization of each other to allow change in attitudes between Israelis and Palestinians by breaking down the psychological barriers between the two groups and by providing a platform to communicate.

Search for Common Ground (SFCG) (9/2015-3/2017: $899,909): The “Regional Cooperative Health Initiative” project increases cooperation among public health officials and technicians on common health concerns for Israeli, Palestinian, and Jordanian societies on biosafety and biosecurity that places all three populations at risk from an accidental or intentional hazardous biological outbreak.

Kids4Peace (9/2015-5/2017: $100,000): The “Peace Builders Forum” project connects Palestinian and Israeli youth via common projects in media, tourism, community outreach, and training youth to effectively communicate historical and contemporary narratives.

Creativity For Peace (9/2015-5/2017: $99,850): The “Women Building a Politics of Peace” project encourages more equitable participation of women in both Palestinian and Israeli political life, in particular women who focus on cooperation as it relates to humanitarian needs.

Near East Foundation (9/2014-9/2017: $1,199,576): [Sub-Award: Palestinian Center for Agricultural Research and Development and Peres Center for Peace]: The “Olive Oil without Borders” project continues to strengthen linkages between Israeli and Palestinian olive industry leaders and expand the already established project to new communities and regions. This project works with 1,500 olive farmers in 54 communities in the West Bank and Israel (42 Palestinian and 16 Israeli) to enhance economic cooperation between farmers, mill owners, and distributors through cross-border training, work-shops, and joint business initiatives.

The Peres Center for Peace (9/2014-9/2017: $1,100,000): [Sub-Award: Organization for the Advancement of Women’s Sport in Kiryat Gat and Palestine Center for Conflict Resolution and the Development of Youth Capabilities]: The “Twinned Peace Sport Schools Program” project is a cross-border people-to-people peacebuilding project that enables 240 Palestinian and Israeli girls to meet and play soccer and learn about each other’s culture.

Tsofen (9/2014-9/2017: $1,100,000): This project integrates 350 Israeli Arab citizens in Israeli technology companies and establish three to four regional high tech center hubs promoting increased employment and equality of women in high tech industries.

Peace Players International (9/2015-9/2017: $1,000,000): The “Peace Players Basketball Club” project utilizes sports to bridge divides between Palestinians and Israelis. This project trains youth with leadership and social entrepreneurship skills.

Middle East Entrepreneurs for Tomorrow (MEET) (9/2015-9/2017: $850,454): The “Training Entrepreneurs for Excellence at MEET” project engages 70-80 excelling Israeli and Palestinian youth between the ages 15-18 in an advanced technology, entrepreneurship, and leadership training. This project also works on establishing networks of mutual trust, understanding, respect, and teamwork.

Peres Center for Peace (9/2015-3/2018: $1,100,000): The “B2B” project works with 40 companies to encourage crossborder business cooperation, increase the trade capacities of the Palestinian food industry, and promote a more tradeenabling environment based on mutual benefit, awareness, and trust.

Hand in Hand Center for Jewish-Arab Education in Israel (9/2015-9/2018: $1,197,226): The “Widening the Circle: From Bilingual Arab-Jewish Schools to Civic Inclusion” project establishes the seventh Hand in Hand bilingual school and implements community activities in all seven schools to increase social bonds and address social issues in Jewish-Arab relations in Israel.

Arava Institute for Environmental Studies (9/2015-9/2018: $952,788): The “Off-Grid Food Energy and Water Solutions (OFEW-Solutions)” project implements off-grid food, energy, and water solutions (grey-water recycling and biogas systems) for mitigating environmental conflicts between Israel, the West Bank, and Gaza.

*list courtesy of USAID