Women Wage Peace march draws 30,000 Israelis and Palestinians to Jerusalem

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By allmepadmin / October 9 2017

Jerusalem’s Independence Park was filled with over 30,000 Israelis and Palestinians Sunday at a rally organized by ALLMEP member Women Wage Peace.

The rally was the culmination of the Women Wage Peace “Peace Walk” across Israel, which began two weeks ago. The march brought together thousands from all economic, political, and ethnic backgrounds towards the goal of peace.

This rally was the second major annual event for the Women Wage Peace, which was founded three years ago after the 2014 war in Gaza. The movement is focused on impacting decision-makers in order to lead to a peace agreement between Israel and Palestine. To draw attention to their cause, the movement is working towards creating a critical mass of supporters and members from different political, ethnic, and religious backgrounds.

Their unique approach to peacebuilding through inclusivity udaas strengthened the movement’s message, “We will not stop until there is a peace agreement.” Without backing a specific diplomatic agreement, the movement hopes to garner attention from a diverse mass of people to join them in their pursuit of peace as they continue to hold events like Sunday’s rally.

The rally was highlighted by multiple speakers, including ALLMEP Regional Director Huda Abuarqoub, who stated: 

This year, we women of Israel and Palestine promise we will not stop until this conflict ends once and for all….To the people of this land, the change we seek will only come when we open our hearts and acknowledge each other on equal grounds. We know our needs are mutual and cannot be served on the expense of others and when we believe firmly in our humanity, our humanity is tested everyday on this land, so let’s not lose our humanity.

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Photo Credit: Ariane Littman

Women Wage Peace march draws 30,000 Israelis and Palestinians to Jerusalem

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