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By allmepadmin / January 5 2018

In an opinion piece for The Jerusalem Post, Yaniv Sagee, Executive Director of ALLMEP member Givat Haviva, calls for adopting a road map for a shared society.

Pushing back against the Minister of Defense, Avigdor Lieberman’s and the the Minister of Education, Naftali Bennet’s negative comments on the residents of Wadi Ara, which are driving the rift between Israelis and Palestinians even further apart, Sagee details the recent presentation of the “Road Map for a Shared Society”, which focuses on bringing people together.

Written with the assistance of 70 experts representing many facets of Israeli society and over a years worth of public hearings, the plan contains 25 proposals for the advancement of a shared society. The proposals focus on five specific areas, which are education, government and governance, economic development, land use, cultural representation, and restorative processes.

Instead of allowing current relations between Israelis and Arabs to continue as-is, Sagee states that the “Road Map for a Shared Society” gives concrete and viable proposals for a new future, which would allow the Arab society in Israel full partnership for the benefit of the entire region.

Sagee details examples within the proposal, including calling for access to financial tools at banks for Arab entrepreneurs and the creation of platforms for cooperation between non-profit organizations and local governance on topics specific to the Arab society.

Furthermore, in focusing on land use, the plan calls for building large neighborhoods for residents in Arab locations as well as creating public areas within these neighborhoods that meet the standard of pre-existing public areas in Jewish neighborhoods.

While each of the five areas within the plan are of importance, Sagee states that education is paramount, writing that “The education system today must be the spearhead of transformation, as educators are our most significant change agents.”

In response to the minister’s negative comments on Wadi Ara, Sagee calls for Israeli citizens to come to the area to see how a shared society is being built there, which is providing security and peace to both peoples residing there.

Within his piece for The Jerusalem Post, Sagee states:

At a time when we need to mend the rifts and act to create a genuine partnership, the ministers instead attack the few ties that still exist between the Jewish society and the Arab society in Israel. It is with “those people” that we work and create a shared life. They are an integral part of us.

Photo Credit: Givat Haviva

Givat Haviva’s Road Map for a Shared Society

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