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Danny Hakim

Danny Hakim, a two-time world Karate silver medalist and philanthropist, is both the Founder and Chairman of ALLMEP member organization Budo for Peace. He founded the organization in 2004 as the translation of his vision to create a society in which socially constructed rivals can conquer their cultural, social and political differences through the universal language of sport.

Danny, a native Australian, received Karate lessons from his grandmother as a Bar Mitzvah gift and has been practicing the sport ever since. He recently received his seventh degree black belt, from his Master, world-renowned Kancho Hirokazu Kanazawa, during the 11th World Karate Championships which were held in his hometown, Sydney, in November 2012. This year served as an important personal and professional milestone for Danny, marking his 40th year of Karate practice. During his 30 year Karate career, Danny has represented Australia, Japan and Israel in the Shotokan Karate World and European Championships as well as served as the Chief Instructor of the Shotokan Karate-Do International Federation in Israel.

Danny’s belief in social change is evident not only in his passion for martial arts but also his interest in and talent for film-making. His international award-winning documentary, Shadya, was endorsed by the PBS network for their educational women’s empowerment series. In addition, several of his works on the subject of martial arts and social reform have been published. These include, “Budo’s Potential for Peace: Breaking down barriers in the Israel-Palestinian Conflict,” a paper written for the international symposium: The Direction of Japanese Budo in the 21st century: Past, Present and Future conducted by the International Research Center for Japanese Studies. The paper was published in the book Budo Perspectives which subsequently lead to the creation of Budo for Peace. At the 2018 Peace and Sport Awards, Budo for Peace was awarded 2018 NGO of the Year.

Danny holds a B.Sc. in Biotechnology from the University of New South Wales, Sydney and a Masters in Entrepreneurship and Innovation from Swinburne University, Melbourne.

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