Holy Land Trust program empowers young Palestinian girls

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By allmepadmin / May 8 2017

Holy Land Trust organization has successfully completed a second session of its Young Girls Empowerment program. This extraordinary course for Palestinian young women to gain the skills necessary for successful lives of leadership and individuality. Palestinian women are not alone in their struggle for equality; therefore, finding a place where these young people can engage in meaningful, albeit difficult, conversations is essential.  Holy Land Trust ahs witnessed profound changes among its charges that have completed this program.

The girls meet twice weekly for a series of workshops led by female Palestinian mentors in Bethlehem with an emphasis on relaxation, meditation, celebrating the arts, and championing peace. Additionally, the girls refine their English as well as take part in numerous lectures and discussions that explore how the environment in which one lives can significantly impact one’s mind and spirit. Each young woman is on an individualized personal journey, but through this program, the participants learn that they are not alone. The girls are from varied social backgrounds and ages, but the unity forged through their interactions is unmistakable.

Some of the participants learn that despite life’s many challenges, perseverance and endurance are critical factors to lifelong success. While the girls gain confidence in themselves, they also learn to respect each other and work collectively for female strength. Girls as young as thirteen gain a value for empathy and listening to others. By talking with each other, the girls become increasingly brave and will undoubtedly grow into bold, courageous, and successful adults. Fore more information and firsthand accounts from the attendees visit Holy Land Trust’s website.

Holy Land Trust program empowers young Palestinian girls

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