Jewish and Arab students come together at Hand in Hand schools

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By allmepadmin / September 7 2017

By focusing on open communication and language within their schools, Hand in Hand is fostering coexistence and understanding between Jewish and Arab students.

One of the highest-ranked school networks in Israel, ALLMEP member Hand in Hand puts an emphasis on their identity as a bilingual school but also as a community that teaches politics and civics at a young age so that students may grow up understanding the conflict and the region they live in. While times of tension are difficult on the school, the teachers believe they have a responsibility to create a dialogue of understanding between their Jewish and Arab students.

In an interview with Ha’aretz, the principle of the Hand in Hand high school, Arik Saporta, stated:

“This is not an easy exchange for me as well, but it’s important that it takes place. There is a blanket consensus among all students that violence is wrong, but both sides must be understood, which is why the school enables this exchange. We are an incubator but we’re not a bubble. The idea is to introduce these topics in a manner we can work with. We teach civics and political issues from the fourth grade, with the highest number of course hours, with the understanding that this is an instrument for talking about things.”

Photo Credit: Ha’aretz

Jewish and Arab students come together at Hand in Hand schools

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