Congress restores funding for Palestinian and cross-border organizations

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By allmepadmin / December 17 2019

The Alliance for Middle East Peace (ALLMEP) applauds Congress for its continued bipartisan support of U.S. foreign assistance programs in the FY20 omnibus bill unveiled on December 17th.

We are especially grateful for the leadership of Chairwoman Lowey and SFOPs Subcommittee Chairman Graham and their work on the Appropriations Committees to restore robust support for people-to-people programs in Israel and Palestine. Specifically, ALLMEP thanks the Committee for restoring critical funding in support of the cross-border peacebuilding organizations. Additionally, we applaud the House and Senate Leadership and Judiciary Committees for including language that allows vital developmental and humanitarian funding to be resumed, to the benefit of Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza.  

“We are delighted to see Congress’s bipartisan and bicameral support for peacebuilding and shared society programs in Israel and Palestine. We urge Congress to take advantage of this momentum, and swiftly pass and enact the Partnership Fund for Peace Act of 2019, establishing a ground-breaking fund that can radically scale economic cooperation and people-to-people exchanges between Israelis and Palestinians with the aim of preserving the possibility of a negotiated two-state solution,” said John Lyndon, Executive Director of ALLMEP.

“With bold leaders such as Chairwoman Lowey and Subcommittee Chairman Graham leading the charge, this is a critical win for our community and its collective mission to counter dehumanizing and violent attitudes in the region. We are grateful to Congressional leadership for supporting the entire people-to-people peacebuilding field by allocating over $100 million over the past decade. We hope Congress swiftly passes this critical language and that the Administration enacts and enforces it,” said Kevin Rachlin, U.S. Director of ALLMEP. 

ALLMEP is proud of its role in helping to campaign for a dedicated fund for Israeli and Palestinian peacebuilding over a decade ago, which has invested well over $100 million into the field, and toward the programs of many of our members. We look forward to continuing to work closely with Members of Congress on this welcome reintroduction of cross-border funding, and on the continued development of the Partnership Fund for Peace Act, which promises to further strengthen the work of peacebuilders in the region.

Congress restores funding for Palestinian and cross-border organizations

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