ALLMEP statement on House Foreign Affairs Hearing July 6th 2016

Statement for the Record House Foreign Affairs Committee  Financially Rewarding Terrorism in the West Bank July 6, 2016 Chairman Royce and Ranking Member Engel, The Alliance for Middle East Peace (ALLMEP) thanks you for holding this important hearing. ALLMEP is a network of ninety-three peace and reconciliation groups working on coexistence and cooperative activities between Jews and Arabs, Israelis and Palestinians. Just last week, the Middle East Quartet issued a report on the Palestinian-Israeli conflict. The report recommends, among other things, that both sides foster a climate of tolerance, including through increasing interaction and cooperation in a variety of fields – economic, professional, educational, cultural – that strengthen the foundations for peace and countering extremism. We welcome the Quartet report and are thankful to Quartet principles for recognizing the critical work of civil society. The work of the United States in the region is essential to our collective wish for peace in the Middle East and our entire community is deeply thankful for the commitment of the United States to its longstanding goal of finding a peaceful solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. As we look at the strategic barriers preventing the advancement of peace between Israelis and Palestinians, sadly, we see a new generation growing up who are more skeptical and less hopeful then the generation who came before them. As we look at the most recent joint polling of Israelis and Palestinians, 56 percent of Israelis are worried or very worried on a daily basis that they will be murdered by Arabs. 79 percent of Palestinians are worried or very worried on a daily basis that they will be murdered or have their land confiscated by Jews. It gets worse. 56 percent of Palestinians believe [...]